Solar Exchange Participates in Solar Startup Challenge

With Halloween just fading out and Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is a lot of celebrations going on. Solar Exchange too has reasons to celebrate. Last month, the company participated in and reached the final round of ‘Start up Alley’, an investor-focused competition dedicated to solar industry startups at Solar Power International (SPI) in Chicago. Start-Up Alley Challenge’ is a new floor feature at Solar Power International 2013.

Taking a page from Silicon Valley’s tech startup competitions, SPI’s “Startup Alley” is a special showcase promoting up-and-coming companies in the solar industry. Ten finalists presented their business proposals to potential investors, including venture capital, corporate investors and business leaders on October 23, at McCormick Place.

Solar Exchange reached the final 10 with its unique business model that simplifies the buying and selling of goods for the solar industry. The company uses a cloud-based commerce platform to automate the transaction process for sales and procurement professionals up and down the solar value chain. Since its launch in September, the Solar Exchange has more than $100 million in posted content on its website.

“Our goal is to create an online marketplace where buyers and sellers up and down the solar value chain can engage with each other, transact business and benefit from this innovative commerce solution which enables sellers to reach new markets to expand revenue opportunities, and enables buyers to purchase solar materials and finished goods, significantly reducing the supply chain costs associated with traditional market infrastructure procurement,” said Solar Exchange CEO Gary Mull.

To facilitate global commerce, is accessible in English, German and Chinese and has local service offices in the U.S., China, Germany, and India, and plans future market support in other emerging solar markets. To enable solar companies to benefit from this new trading solution, Solar Exchange is offering a free six month trial membership for all companies that register by November 17, 2013.