03 Jun

100% Renewable Energy – Is it Possible?

In the last two centuries since humans discovered the tremendous potential of fossil fuels, there were many who had that nagging worry – how long will they last? While these non-renewable resources kept powering the equipment that allowed mankind to make great strides towards progress, there were repercussions in the form of climate change, air and water pollution and soil erosion. The growing climate crisis and the rapid dwindling of fossil fuels have increased the need for eco-friendly ways to power the rapidly growing global population. In that search for alternatives, the world has turned increasingly to solar and wind energy.

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03 Dec

White House Green Again after 27 Years

Renewable energy is back at the White House after 27 years. It was the fulfillment of a commitment made by President Barak Obama in 2010. Installations of solar panels have already started and this will be combined with an “energy retrofit” of the structure to boost its energy efficiency. During the 1970s President Jimmy Carter had installed solar panels which were later taken down by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Read More

08 Nov

Solar Exchange Participates in Solar Startup Challenge

With Halloween just fading out and Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is a lot of celebrations going on. Solar Exchange too has reasons to celebrate. Last month, the company participated in and reached the final round of ‘Start up Alley’, an investor-focused competition dedicated to solar industry startups at Solar Power International (SPI) in Chicago. Start-Up Alley Challenge’ is a new floor feature at Solar Power International 2013. Read More

05 Nov

China – Emerging Leader in the Global Solar Industry

For the past several years, solar module manufacturers in China have been increasing production and gaining market share in the solar power sector. However, the rapid development of new factories and resulting production has resulted in overcapacity, causing further downward pressure on pricing. A Forbes report titled “China’s Growing Role in the Global Solar Power Industry” states that across the world, the declining prices have impacted all solar panel manufacturers, however Chinese firms have been affected the most. With these concerns and the rising pollution levels in the country, China has planned to increase its domestic demand for solar panels with support from its government. Apart from being incredibly beneficial to the environment, this move is helping to support manufacturers in China based on the increased demand. Read More