03 Apr

Solar Exchange – Helping Companies Reach New Heights

Since its launch, Solar Exchange has become the preeminent marketplace for buying and selling goods for solar professionals. Beyond its capacity as a platform for online auctions, Solar Exchange is a dynamic and secure environment designed to help companies extend market reach, source and procure materials and finished goods at lower costs, and remove traditional trade barriers that exist with today’s market approach to solar supply chain commerce. Solar Exchange is advantageous for both buyers and sellers. Read More

16 Mar

Solar Power – A Disruptive Innovation

The solar power economy continues to grow even though the industry faced a serious crisis between 2011 and 2013, due to a global financial downturn, government subsidy cuts, and Chinese PV manufacturers’ flood of imports. According to McKinsey Quarterly, solar is now a far more cost-competitive power source than it was in the mid-2000s. A study by the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, DC found that global installations have, in fact, gone up to over 50% since 2006. With the rapid evolution of solar technology and the growing widespread impact of renewable energy on businesses and consumers, this industry truly has a disruptive potential. It is now poised to assume a bigger role in global energy markets and according to Zachary Shahan, director of CleanTechnica, utilities will probably be the first major sector to feel solar power’s disruptive potential. Read More

10 Feb

Organic Solar Cells Market 2012-2018

One of the recent developments in the field of renewable energy technology is the use of organic solar cells. Researchers have been studying the photovoltaic properties of plastic cells manufactured from thinner films of organic semiconductors that comprise of polyphenylene vinylene and tiny molecules of copper phthalocyanine. These solar cells also include carbon fullerenes and fullerene derivatives. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), a market intelligence company, organic solar cell holds the potential to reduce the overall cost involved in manufacturing and installing of silicon solar cells. Read More

15 Jan

China’s Huge Solar Development; US Solar Companies’ Soaring Stock Prices

Two of solar power industry’s biggest potential markets, China and USA have seen tremendous development in recent years. According to Peter Moskowitz, digital producer of Al Jazeera America, support from both country’s governments and investors and increased solar capacity has resulted in a massive jump in stock prices in the USA and huge solar development in China. Read More

30 Dec

Scottish Independence and Renewable Energy

On 18 September 2014, Scottish people will vote on whether or not they want independence from Westminster. In preparation for this, the Scottish National Party (SNP) released its white paper in Glasgow on November this year. One of the most significant points discussed in the white paper is about the challenges Scotland will face if it becomes independent from UK including cutting it’s reliance on carbon. The report titled ‘Scotland’s Future: Your guide to an independent Scotland’ stated that although Scotland needs a mixed energy portfolio, it has a target of delivering the equivalent of 100% electricity demand and 11% non-electrical heat demand from renewables by 2020. The report added that Scotland’s targets for decarburization would remain in place if the country becomes independent. Read More