24 Nov

Why Are Huge Corporations Going Solar?

 Corporations Going Solar

Business all over the world is growing rapidly through green energy transition. This divergent adoption rate of solar shows positive thinking towards reducing carbon and moving towards green earth.

When companies go solar, they expect greater business value, better performance, the ecological and financial framework. It is all about a maximum return by offering better solutions to people.

In a nutshell, this strategy works for multinational companies which are boosting their solar capacities year after year. Not only have these companies other smaller companies are also showing interest towards going solar.

Indian companies are also showing interest in going solar with continuous efforts of government in solarizing the country. Discussed below are some of the primary elements that are driving solar adoption:

Energy Requirements

Medium-sized to large organizations require constant energy to flourish in their business. As population growth increases, conventional energy is going to get inconsistent.

India, which is a developing country is already suffering from energy deflect and transmission issue. In such a case embracing solar seems to be a smart move, as it can offer uninterrupted power supply. As demand grows it is suspected that corporate solar market in India can reach 10,000 MW by 2023.

Energy Expenses

Energy expenses are suspected to rise rapidly, reaping out a huge amount of money from business profits every year. Generating power yourself saves energy expenses. In such cases, solar stand a useful option to generate energy, thus, saving money in the long run and also satisfying energy requirements.

India IT-giants are already getting power from solar, saving up on electricity expenses. This clarifies the application of solar to commercial infrastructure.


Besides saving on electricity bills solar also reduce carbon emission. According to the stats, 1 KW of solar energy can reduce 3000 of CO2 annually. Solar stands as the best energy source for commercial entities and also in restoring climate.

So it is an ideal opportunity for the government of India and business industries pioneers to corporate to reorganize the solar sector. While there are many sources of energy, the viability of the solar sector makes it quite lucrative for a developing nation such as India. This is one of the many reasons why huge corporations are going solar.