15 Jan

How Photovoltaic Modules are a Better Solar Power-Generating Option

Photovoltaic Modules

PV (Photovoltaic) is a Solar Equipment that is emerging as a major power resource. It is steadily turning into a more affordable option and could serve as reliable power sources for the future. Photovoltaic modules in a solar plant are like leaves of a plant, where the sun rays are converted directly to electricity. The photovoltaic effect is one of the primary techniques used to convert sunlight into electricity. Many PV cells together form a PV module, which can be arranged in different ratios and designs to achieve different output wattages. Modules range from 3Wp to 330Wp.

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03 Apr

Solar Exchange – Helping Companies Reach New Heights

Since its launch, Solar Exchange has become the preeminent marketplace for buying and selling goods for solar professionals. Beyond its capacity as a platform for online auctions, Solar Exchange is a dynamic and secure environment designed to help companies extend market reach, source and procure materials and finished goods at lower costs, and remove traditional trade barriers that exist with today’s market approach to solar supply chain commerce. Solar Exchange is advantageous for both buyers and sellers. Read More