28 Nov

Asian Solar PV Market to Reach USD 4.80 Billion in 2018

A new analysis from California-based global business consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan states that by 2018, the Asian solar PV market will reach USD 4.80 billion. The report titled “Strategic Analysis of Asian Photovoltaic Materials Market” discovered that the Asian market earned revenues of 1.94 billion USD in 2012 and estimates this to reach 4.80 billion by 2018. It also states that China, Taiwan and Japan together account for over 70 per cent of the global solar PV cell or module production. Read More

23 Oct

Taking the Kinks Out of the Solar Supply Chain

It’s not terribly contentious to say that the solar industry infrastructure is pretty fragmented. Compared to other industries such as automotive and consumer electronics, supply chain infrastructure (the systems, processes and channels and the organizations that embody them) that enable efficient and transparent commerce between businesses, is replete with inefficiencies in the solar industry. However, this state of affairs is not surprising for a rapidly-growing industry. Moreover, where there are inefficiencies there are opportunities. And for an energy source just starting to realize its tremendous potential, the chance to reduce the costs of solar power even further, and systemically, should perk up everyone’s ears. Read More

17 Jul

Californian Law Will Give Millions Access to Renewable Energy

Three years of efforts didn’t go in vain. This month, Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. signed a groundbreaking legislation which will allow Californians who cannot install their own solar, wind or other renewable power generation system to get up to 100% renewable energy through PG&E, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric as soon as the fall of 2014. Read More

03 Jun

100% Renewable Energy – Is it Possible?

In the last two centuries since humans discovered the tremendous potential of fossil fuels, there were many who had that nagging worry – how long will they last? While these non-renewable resources kept powering the equipment that allowed mankind to make great strides towards progress, there were repercussions in the form of climate change, air and water pollution and soil erosion. The growing climate crisis and the rapid dwindling of fossil fuels have increased the need for eco-friendly ways to power the rapidly growing global population. In that search for alternatives, the world has turned increasingly to solar and wind energy.

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